About Us

We are pet lovers with the vision to enhance your experience when introducing a new dog or cat to your family or recognizing your faithful companion of many years. The Pet Bday App calculates your pet's birthdays in 'their' years. We have all heard the saying that one human year equals 7 dog years. Well, as it turns out, it is not that straight forward. Dogs and cats mature more quickly than humans do in the early human years and then their age rate levels out further along in their lives. The breed or size of your pet also contributes to their aging rate compared to a human year.
The Pet Bday App was designed with this knowledge in mind and created to offer you many different fun ways to celebrate your whole family.
The Pet Bday App can be helpful when introducing a new pet to your young family. A birthday party is a great way to increase bonding opportunities for young children and there are lots of birthdays in the first few years.
If you already have a dog or cat, the Pet Bday App offers many additional ways to enjoy and recognize the furry member of your family.
It is our hope that the Pet Bday App becomes your way to recognize and celebrate ALL the members of your family. Happy Birthday!"

Awesome Apps Features

The Pet B Day app is designed to offer a UX that is convenient, hassle free, and extremely enjoyable across the board. Here is just some of what our application brings to the table!

Clean Design

A clean and clutter free UI will allow for easy navigation and add to aesthetic appeal.

Fully Responsive

Specially designed for use on Android as well as iOS systems, all stated app features are accessible

Retina Ready

Retina ready imagery allows for clear visuals and enhanced sharing of pictures and videos

More about Our App!

Apart from being easy to navigate and offering a clean and fun user interface, here’s more on what our app is about! 

Pet B Day is a social application designed by and for people who have a deep and sincere love for animals. The application works as a social app for our furry friends, allowing those of us with pets like cats and dogs to list the birthdays of our babies, remember important dates, and organize celebrations and pet dates. The app offers a wealth of fun features to make user engagement more enjoyable.

What Makes Our App Special

We’ve peppered our app with a number of features to make it stand apart from other social pet-related apps. Some of our apps unique features include splash screen features, picture galleries, birthday calendars, and more. The app will also offer features that allow users to undertake activities such as paying tribute to their  furry friends, sending out birthday invitations, and upload photo montages.

Unique and Striking Visual Design

Have a look at some screenshots of our apps layout so you can get a better sense of the kind of aesthetic we’re on about!